About Dough La La

A number of years ago when my daughters were really little, I spent a lot of time searching for fun craft activities that we could do together.  One of our favourites was playing with modelling dough and I would regularly make a batch based on the recipe on the back of the cream of tartar tin.  

It was important to me that the dough was made of non-toxic, edible ingredients but I didn't like how my hands felt salty during play and it just didn't have the smooth texture of the store bought stuff. I started searching for different play dough recipes online but didn't find anything that different.

So it became a personal challenge (albeit a slightly hilarious one!) to create the perfect recipe.  I had a mini test kitchen at home as I played with ingredients and quantities, tested different scents and asked friends to review the results.  The final product was Dough La La, a vibrantly coloured dough with a silky, smooth texture and fun scent that is made of food grade ingredients.  

Dough La La was launched at the South Fremantle Growers' Green Farmers' Market in May of 2014 and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  I loved watching kids' faces light up when they smelled a sample and hearing parents comment on the quality of the dough.  It really is lovely stuff but don't just take my word for it, see what customers are saying about Dough La La!

I hope you enjoy Dough La La too!