Fabulous Feedback

Here's what people are saying about Dough La La:

  • I’m not a play dough fan but this stuff is special! All the colors are scented and the dough has a lovely soft texture, the pots all stack up together too. Hours & hours of fun while my kitchen smelt like a tropical fruit bowl. - Littledivils via Instagram

  • The tubs of scented modelling dough from Dough La La were another favourite stop at last weekend's Perth Upmarket. We've bought about 7 tubs over the last year and each 'flavour' is still going strong! Our current favourite scent? Orange! - Gift Grapevine via Facebook

  • We got these doughs at the Christmas upmarket back in November and they are still going strong. Add a bit of water and re-knead when they dry out, soo much better than shop stuff! - Rosalie

  • Rather than standard play dough or modelling clay, go for the wow factor with the awesome scented modelling doughs from Perth maker Dough La La. They smell amazing! Non-toxic, non-sticky, lovely to touch and a huge hit with my tornadoes, ‘flavours’ include pineapple, blueberry, berry, bubble gum, lime, lemon, orange, peppermint, strawberry, vanilla and the latest mango (my personal favourite – it smells divine!). - Gift Grapevine  http://giftgrapevine.com.au/great-gifts-for-four-to-six-year-olds

  • THE BEST!! We love them all! Today we picked up a JUMBO SNOW from Faire and I can't get enough of it! - Tara

  • They are 3 months old and the smell, suppleness and softness are as the first day I bought them... Thanks for the amazing Dough La La quality - Melanie

  • It smells amazing and doesn't leave your hands dry like normal playdough! Love it - Claire

  • Saw you down at the Rockingham Children's Market on Sunday and loved LOVED your product! So glad to have something available for the kids that is non-toxic - Grace & Lace via Facebook

  • I just HAVE to do a shout out for this Perth based business!! I bought some of this glorious playdough months ago, and it smells amazing, and is STILL soft and pliable. (You just add a little water if it hardens up.) My son is OBSESSED with it. I'm serious. It's awesome. Best. Playdough. Ever. - Carrots and Urchins via Facebook

  • Awesome play dough - smells amazing and has the best texture. Love it!! - Felicitations Stationery via Facebook

  • My little girl spends hours with her dough, but yours, I have the yellow pineapple, is by far the best, longest lasting and pleasant to play with especially because of the aroma!!! - Liz

  • My sister bought my children one each from your stall a few weeks ago - they take it out each day and play with it.. never mixed together because its their own colour each! We love it and the smell is so nice!! Will be getting some more! - Yvette

  • I definitely want to order some more! My daughter LOVES hers - Crystal